Year 4 and 5

Year Four will be taught mathematics and English by Mr Vallence and Year Five will be taught by Miss Bastable .  Both classes will be taught topic subjects by Miss Bastable.

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13/10/2017 Groovy Greeks

We have been busy investigating our topic question this half term: What made the Greeks so groovy?  So far, it seems that the answer is: quite a lot!

Children have explored Greek democracy in our topic lessons,  and took part in a direct vote to elect their class representative at the start of term.  They then went on to consider the ways that democracy has changed and spread over time –  forming one of the core British values in today’s society.  Some of the girls in particular were rather glad to find that not everything is the same: they’ll be able to vote when they’re old enough, unlike the women of Ancient Greece!


They have also been fascinated by some of the incredibly exciting mythological stories told by the Greeks, including Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa, Jason and the golden fleece, Heracles and Orpheus and Eurydice to name just a few.  In doing so, lots of links have been spotted with contemporary films and stories which use some of the same creatures or plot points.  Who’d have thought the Greeks would have influenced some of our favourite stories!

As well as that, children have explored the role of the many gods in Greek society.  As well as exploring their influence on everyday life and their appearances in many myths, children have investigated the temples used to show them respect.  Many of the features we spotted in their design can be found in buildings we are familiar with!  Keep your eyes peeled for those Ionic columns Year 4 and 5…

06/09/2017  Welcome back Year 4 and 5!

It’s been wonderful to see that children have returned to school refreshed after the summer holiday and with enthusiasm and excitement for the term ahead.  We are very much looking forward to seeing them dive straight into our topic work, finding out just what made the groovy Greeks so groovy!  Watch this space to find out what they discover!