Pupil and Sports Premium


Fernhill Primary School Pupil Premium Statement 2017-2018

The main barriers to learning for disadvantaged pupils are:

  • Low entry levels for communication and language;
  • Low entry levels for literacy and numeracy;
  • Low entry levels for personal, social and emotional development;
  • Specific SEN needs;
  • Turbulence in schooling across both Key Stages.

How this is addressed through the use of Pupil Premium funding is outlined in the documentation below.

This is measured through tracking across the school to ensure effective provision. This will be tracked against other children to ensure that any gap in attainment compared to other children is addressed.

2018-19 Pupil Premium Expenditure Plan

2017-2018 Pupil Premium Allocation, Forecast Spend and Mid-Year Impact-April update

2017 2018 Pupil Premium Allocation and Forecast Spend

2016 2017 Pupil Premium Allocation and Spend

2016 2017 Pupil Premium Allocation and Spend-Impact July 2017

2015 2016 Pupil Premium Allocation and Spend

2014 2015 Pupil Premium Allocation and Spend


Schools in the UK receive additional funding from the Government to focus on PE and sport activities.  With the additional funding all children in the school, including children from low income families, will be able to take part in school sports clubs, subsidised from the PE and Sport Premium Funding leading to:

  • Children having the chance to engage in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy and active life styles;
  • The profile of sport being raised across the school;
  • All children having the opportunity to try a variety of new sports;
  • Enabling children to participate in intra-school tournaments and competitive games.

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium 2018-2019

The Pupil Premium and PE and Sport Premium funding is set and reviewed annually.

All documents on this website are available as hard copies free of charge, on request from the school office.