The Early Years Foundation Stage teacher is Miss Evans.

Fernhill EYFS Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

EYFS at Fernhill 2017

Phonics at Fernhill

Phonics speed sounds chart

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High Frequency Words

21st March 2018

Today we have been making the most of the fantastic weather, and exploring different textures outside. We had lots of fun playing with oats and mixing them together to make magic potions.

19th March 2018

We cannot believe we have had more snowy weather! It was fantastic to explore how it melted and see how we can build with it.

7th March 2018

World maths day has been fantastic and Year R have really enjoyed showing their parents their mathematical thinking skills in class today.

March 2018

We have had so much fun looking after the chicks in our classroom! It has been fantastic for our personal, social and emotional development.

24th January 2018

We are off to a fantastic start this term in Year R and are really getting stuck into our new Space topic. We have thoroughly enjoyed using the space ship role play in the classroom and learning two stories using actions- Whatever Next and Aliens Love Underpants. You should ask us to tell you the story – we would love to share our super storytelling!

We are continuing to work hard on our phonics and have been using our phonic knowledge to write stories, instructions, labels and captions for things all over the classroom. We have been pretending to be teachers and have been reminding each other of the sounds and how to use them to write words and sentences. It has been so much fun.

15th November 2017

Well, Year R have certainly been busy over the last few weeks! We learnt lots of things all about fireworks. It was really exciting to explore the pile of glow sticks and see what shapes we could make out of them. We did lots of firework arts and crafts and explored different media and materials to make firework pictures. We decided to try being food scientists and worked out how to make butter using double cream.  We shook the cream in a jar and we couldn’t believe it when it turned into butter! The next day we used food colouring to paint a piece of bread, before making our own piece of firework toast for snack! We buttered it using the special butter we had made. It was really exiting to begin to manage risks on our own, and stay safe using the toaster. It is lovely that we are having so many real life experiences to aid our learning.

Since then, we have been learning about a new story called The Smartest Giant in Town. It is all about a kind giant called George. We have been thinking about kindness and what it means to be a good friend. We also set up our own shop in the classroom to sell things, just like in the story. It has been a great way to learn about money and practice our counting, adding and taking away!



2nd November 2017

Year R have really been enjoying learning about bears lately. We learnt all about We’re Going On a Bear Hunt and have been really busy planning a birthday party for our own class bear, Billy. He is turning 5! We have been thinking about all of the different ways we can celebrate birthdays and have been busy making him cards and presents to make him feel special.

September 2017

We have had a fantastic first few weeks at school! I am very proud of how well all of the new Year R children have settled in – well done to you all! We have learnt all about our new classroom and explored the new toys we have to play with. We have started going out on the “big playground” with the rest of the school at play times and lunch times, which we have been very excited about. Year R have been very sensible and are enjoying playing with the older children. A big well done needs to go to the children in KS1 and KS2 who have been fantastic at giving the new Year R’s guidance on the playground.

We have also started having lunch at school and have been enjoying having school dinners! We are starting school full time until 3pm next week, so I cannot wait for the fun to continue into the afternoon too.