Year 4 and 5

  Year 4 and 5 will be taught by Miss Bastable, with support from Mrs Andrews.

Fernhill KS2 Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

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May 2018

Year 4/5 have just finished writing the opening recount narrative to a 1930s film version of King Kong.  Children chose whether to write as Jack Denham or Ann Darrow and were able to explore playing with language features to show character traits and accents.  This one was produced by one of Y4 boys and is a wonderful example of a job well done!

The start of everything that followed.


The evenin’ was passin’ by quickly in the crowded rush hour streets of New York City. The night sky coloured the normal sky like an alien invasion – darker than my mood.

‘’Come on tummy. Can you please just wait?’’ I said to myself as my tummy reminded me that I had to eat as soon as possible. Pushing people outta the way, I stumbled across a local store with food inside. Did I agree with my stomach or my empty wallet? I had to think fast.

Quickly choosing, I had to go with my stomach. I had to steal something. The guy behind the counter called, ‘’Apples! Come get ya apples!’’

‘’Here goes,’’ I whispered to myself as I walked in.

Stealing the juiciest apple I could see, I saw a hand reachin’ for me and it caught me in a flash.

The man, who had an aggressive face and an intimidating beard, was the shopkeeper.

‘’Gotcha!’’ he yelled aggressively. I was doomed.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar man in a yellow jacket gave me a dollar. I couldn’t believe it! My first dollar in months! This was just enough to buy the apple and stop the shopkeeper from callin’ the cops. He saved me from eternal life in jail! I felt like I was in heaven, above the clouds.

After thankin’ him, I let him take me to this fancy little café around the corner. How excellent that was! He then said his name was Carl Denham, and I suddenly knew him because he was the craziest director in Hollywood. Remember that guy?

Then, he gave me an offer that was crazy! He offered me to be in his new and most ambitious movie yet. I couldn’t believe it! I had to accept it – I’d had my first proper meal in weeks because of him. What film could it be? Whatever it was, I had to find out.

We talked some more about his plans.

I said to him, ‘’What are we gonna do now?’’

He replied, ‘’Simple. We are takin’ ya to the clothes shops and to the hairdressers. You are gonna be famous across New York!’’ At least he really meant it.

I was gonna be a role model, a star, a rich lady! How could I ever say no to that? The ship he mentioned was gonna sail at six. That was enough time to sort out my fairly few belongings.

As we exited the café, I was excited about my life. I knew I could smell fame from here. I was gonna become famous across New York (maybe even the world.

This is where it all began…

April 2018


Creating our own designs in the style of William Morris!  Next, we’ll be creating print blocks and making our own wallpaper.

Children checking the accuracy of their maps!

March 2018 Science

We have been exploring properties of materials in Science.





02/02/2018 Area and perimeter

Children used their growing knowledge of area and perimeter to help the ESA solve a problem with the Martian Colony settlement plans.  Fantastic teamwork from everyone!


01/02/2018 To infinity…and beyond!

I honestly can’t believe we’re already in the second month of 2018!  Year 4/5 have packed in an awful lot of learning already.

Our topic this half term is Space and I have delighted with the number of children going the extra mile and conducting additional research at home.  We have been learning all about the Solar System, day and night, and seasons too.  We have researched various aspects of travel in space and have been inspired by Peter Thorpe to create some abstract space art.  We explored different techniques to create vibrant colours and interesting textures, and have created our own templates.  Soon, we’ll be using these in our final pieces.

If you want to know more, I’m sure I’m sure the children will be happy to share their new knowledge with you!


25/01/2018 Journey

We read the beautifully illustrated picture book ‘Journey’ and were well and truly blown away by the incredible images.  It was fascinating to see the children’s inference skills in action as they interpreted the text and considered what an author might have written to accompany the images.  Children wrote some dialogue after imagining conversations between the main character and her busy, distracted parents.  They then tried out their acting skills, writing in role as the little girl in the story and telling her parents about the beautiful world she had discovered.  Interestingly, this text was used across the school to inspire writing so we’ve had plenty of opportunity to discuss our ideas with other classes too!

8/12/17 Back to the ABCs?!

No, don’t worry – we’ve had our knowledge of the alphabet sorted for some time now!  This week we have been looking at a new kind of ABC to help us in class.  Have you ever wanted to take part in a discussion without quite being sure how to introduce your point?  Ever wanted to disagree without offending someone?  If so, come and ask some of us how to do this and we’ll be pleased to share the ABC with you so that you can disagree – agreeably!

A – I’d like to agree with that point because…

B– I can build on that because

C– I think I’d challenge that because

I wonder if you can spot what these all have in common?!  If not, maybe ask one of the Year 4 or 5s!

Watch this space for some videos of the children using these in action!

14/12/2017 Gangsta Granny

Children have been thoroughly enjoying reading and responding to Gangsta Granny.  Here we are, applying our reading skills:

7/12/2017 Technology for a range of purposes

We have been using our new school tablets to explore multi-media presentations, creating interactive information texts.



Class assembly

Can you believe it’s the first day of December already?  We all know that time flies when you’re having fun  but even so, we were all surprised to see that it was time to share some of our topic learning with the rest of the school in our class assembly.  With so much to select from, it was challenging to decide what to share; however, after a little deliberation, Year 4 and 5 decided to write their own version of one of their own myths and perform it.  Complete with colons and stage instructions, they managed to put together a wonderful re-telling of Heracles and worked extremely hard to make sure that they projected their voices in the hall so that everyone could hear.  I am sure the rest of the school enjoyed it and learned a thing or two along the way.  Well done Year 4 and 5!

17/11/17 Moulding materials

Year 4 and 5 tried out some of the techniques they will need to perfect in order to successfully create their replica Greek vases next week.  Some proved trickier than others, but this will help them to decide which ones they think will be most effective when it comes to shaping the real thing.  Creating joints strong enough to attach the handles to the body of the vase left us scratching our heads for a while; fortunately, our growth mindset work came into its own!  Children persevered and worked out that both parts had to be bonded until they essentially formed one piece of material.  Watch this space to find out how they get on with clay…


As well as that, the children worked together successfully in class to interrogate texts that they were reading.  This helped them identify the structure of myths, which then allowed them to have a go at creating their own!  We noticed themes of bravery and success against the odds, as well as heroism and intelligence.


3/11/17 The Big First Aid Lesson

With Bonfire Night  approaching this weekend approaching, children enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the Big First Aid Lesson organised by St John Ambulance.  We found out how to treat burns, how to help is someone is choking and who and how to call for help, should anyone require it.  The children found it very useful and loved discussing possible answers in the mini-quizzes.  I was incredibly proud of them for listening so attentively and showing great maturity throughout.  They thoroughly deserve their certificates!


2/11/2017 Vases galore!

Year 4 and 5 have wasted no time in diving straight back into learning after half term!

In art and design, children have completed paintings showing some of the Greek vases that they researched last half term; from amphoras and oinochoe to krater vases, we’ve got them all!  As with the originals, they have been painted in the distinctive orange and black colours which are so instantly recognisable as Ancient Greek in style!  It was wonderful to see which myths the children chose to depict on their vases – Heracles luring Cerberus to the surface was a popular selection – particularly given that they had read so many last half term.  The next stage will to transform these into mini-replicas in design technology lessons.  Watch this space to see how they get on when working with clay!

Computing lessons have already encouraged children to develop their inner sceptic!  We have been looking at ways to evaluate digital content (something that is particularly relevant at the moment) and decide whether websites are reliable, useful and functional.  This is something we will be building on in the next few weeks, before we start to create our Scratch project.  Have a look at one of the websites we have been considering and try out you own evaluative skills:

16/10/17 Interested in terrifying Greek mythological creatures?  Find out more below!

We have been enthralled by the creatures that lurk in the depths of Greek mythology.  They range from the ludicrously loopy to the downright dangerous and we’ve had a great time finding out about some of them in greater depth.  Children are currently working on some pieces to inform other people who might be interested in finding out a little more.



13/10/2017 Groovy Greeks

We have been busy investigating our topic question this half term: What made the Greeks so groovy?  So far, it seems that the answer is: quite a lot!

Children have explored Greek democracy in our topic lessons,  and took part in a direct vote to elect their class representative at the start of term.  They then went on to consider the ways that democracy has changed and spread over time –  forming one of the core British values in today’s society.  Some of the girls in particular were rather glad to find that not everything is the same: they’ll be able to vote when they’re old enough, unlike the women of Ancient Greece!


They have also been fascinated in English by some of the incredibly exciting mythological stories told by the Greeks, including Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa, Jason and the golden fleece, Heracles and Orpheus and Eurydice to name just a few.  In doing so, lots of links have been spotted with contemporary films and stories which use some of the same creatures or plot points.  Who’d have thought the Greeks would have influenced some of our favourite stories!

As well as that, children have explored the role of the many gods in Greek society.  In addition to exploring their influence on everyday life and their appearances in many myths, children have investigated the temples used to show them respect.  Many of the features we spotted in their design can be found in buildings we are familiar with!  Keep your eyes peeled for those Ionic columns Year 4 and 5…

06/09/2017  Welcome back Year 4 and 5!

It’s been wonderful to see that children have returned to school refreshed after the summer holiday and with enthusiasm and excitement for the term ahead.  We are very much looking forward to seeing them dive straight into our topic work, finding out just what made the groovy Greeks so groovy!  Watch this space to find out what they discover!