Vision and Aims

Our Vision

Fernhill Primary School will be a learning community where it is understood that challenge is part of learning. Everyone will feel safe and supported to work hard and persevere in order to succeed and achieve their potential.

Our Aims

At Fernhill Primary School we will:

  • Put children’s wellbeing and progress first.
  • Provide an engaging and experience-based curriculum to ensure that children are engaged, motivated and enjoying learning.
  • Provide consistently high-quality learning opportunities.
  • Support children to face challenges with greater confidence.
  • Provide high-quality professional development opportunities for teaching and support staff to make sure that children receive effective teaching and learning.
  • Celebrate progress and success in all areas.
  • Challenge excuses, making sure that all pupils are successful.
  • Use learning time effectively.
  • Liaise and work closely with parents and outside agencies to support children’s progress.
  • Forge partnerships with other schools for the benefit of our children.